MAA (Movie Artists Association) controversies are turning around day by day. There was a war of words between the two panels until the election. finally, manchu vishnu won as the president. Suddenly, 11 members of the prakash raj panel resigned after the election. Now prakash raj has recently written a letter to election Officer Krishnamohan. prakash raj alleged that mohan babu had behaved very rudely on the day of the movie artist association election. mohan babu was criticized for having very indiscriminate behavior.

prakash raj said that the behavior of mohan babu and naresh was recorded on CCTV cameras. If you look at those scenes, you will know the real things. prakash raj said that mohan babu is likely to remove those CC scenes. prakash raj requested the election official to provide them with CCTV footage of the order.

CCTV footage should be provided to them as soon as possible. On the day of polling, mohan babu and naresh had resorted to threats. election official Krishnamohan responded to Prakash Raj's letter. He said the CCTV footage of the polling day was safe and will provided to prakash raj as per the rules.

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