Kriti Sanon is a busy lady, with many projects set to release in the coming months. Kriti will next be seen in Rajkummar Rao's Hum Do Hamare Do, following her stunning performance in Mimi. Prior to the premiere of Hum Do Hamare Do, the performer sat down for an exclusive interview. ratna pathak Shah and paresh rawal also star in the film, which is a family comedy drama.

"Hum Do Hamare Do is not a small town film," Kriti replied when asked what pulls her to tiny town tales. It is headquartered in Chandigarh, which is a large city. It transports me from a small-town setting to a slightly more metropolitan duniya. She went on to explain why she chose the screenplay she did, saying, "This one line about this boy adopting his family was what pulled me to the movie. 

It was simply so different and special to me. It's about family and how we don't get to select our parents, so what about this person who ends up inheriting this girls family? The ensuing mayhem." The upheaval in the household isn't the only thing that drew Kriti's attention. The actress went on to say, "At some point, the perspective of Paresh sir and Ratna ma'am, as well as their love storey. I thought it was a fascinating universe. It's amusing, but there are also some heartwarming moments and a 'family waali sense' in the picture."

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