sandhya Raju is known as the kuchipudi dancer in India. She is trained in kuchipudi at Vempatu china satyam. Gains a lot of craze in kuchipudi dance. She entered to the film industry with the movie in malayalam careful and she impressed the audience with her acting and now she is coming with the movie Natyam is a self-produced film starring sandhya Raju, a famous classical dancer. From the beginning of the movie, many stars have promoted the movie.

The film, directed by Rewanth Korukonda and produced under the banner of Nishrinkala Film, was released today october 22nd. The film was well received with positive talk. Vice President venkaiah naidu, who recently watched the film, shared his opinion on Twitter. To this extent, Natyam venkaiah naidu praised the film and the director and heroine for their dedication to the movie.

venkaiah naidu tweeted this on his social media account. 'Natyam' is a beautiful film starring kuchipudi dancer Mrs. Sandhyaraju in the lead role, discovering the greatness of dance. Congratulations to Rewanth Korokonda, the director who made the film that captures the importance given to the arts in indian culture, and to the other actors Venkakaiah Naidu said.

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