Balakrishna's Horse Riding: Talk of the town!!?

Nandamuri balakrishna rode a horse downtown and caused an excitement fuss among the fans..!
The most popular Nandamuri balakrishna celebrated his sankranti celebrations at the residence of his sister Daggubati Purandhareshwari in Karanchedu.

Nandamuri Balakrishna: Nandamuri balakrishna made a fuss at the sankranti festival. He celebrated sankranti at the residence of his sister Daggubati Purandhareshwari in Prakashanzilla Karanchedu.

Balayya celebrated with his family .. entertained in his own style. balayya riding a horse .. taking steps with it. The horse also impresses the audience by changing the footsteps to suit the instrumental music.

Balakrishna's son Mokshajna also rode a horse. The dance steps done by the horse is so admirable and just awesome. The ceremony was attended by Nandamuri and Daggubati family members and everyone looks like they are in a good celebrity mood.

The balakrishna family always celebrates sankranti in Narawaripalle. This time his sister, bjp leader Daggubati Purandhareshwari celebrated at his house. Every time the Nara and Nandamuri families celebrate sankranti in Narawaripalle. Noise in the surrounding countryside.

A large number of fans and tdp activists flocked to Narawaripalle to see these. This created a noisy atmosphere for every wallpaper there. This time, the family of balayya, who celebrated sankranti in Karanchedu, made a fuss with the same josh here.

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