The latest movie 'Rowdy Boys' starring ashish reddy and Anupama Parameswaran, the successor of famous tollywood star producer Dil Raju. The film will be released on january 14 as a Sankranthi festival gift. In addition to being highlighted it has also now become controversial. No matter how many movies have been made in telugu till now but Anupama has never crossed any boundaries. The glamor show stays away while looking glamorous.

In a way, the audience thinks that the movies starring Anupama as the heroine will be comfortable for Intillipadi to watch together. Far from intimate scenes with the hero along with the glamor show. Fans and audiences alike were shocked when she was spotted in such a lip lock scene. As soon as the trailer was released, they created a lot of memes on the anupama parameswaran kissing scene. These memes have also gone viral on social media. Cine observers are also wondering what is the reason behind Anupama's unprecedented level of excitement. anupama parameswaran has recently responded to these lip lock memes.

After that anupama parameswaran tried to tell the fans that lip lock scenes are only a part of the movie. And it is a crookedness that everyone says that kissing her character in the movie is just Ashish’s character. The couple also assured that netizens would change their minds after seeing those scenes in the movie.

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