Whenever a major film is released these days, massive special events or benefit shows are prepared. The telangana government is allowing special shows because it is devoted to supporting filmmakers and distributors. This is proving to be a nightmare for fans presidents, who are stepping forward and offering large sums to show distributors. Aside from paying a large sum to the distributor, the presidents of the fans should also have to pay for police permissions and theatre rent.

After all of these expenses and the responsibility to give a few tickets, the presidents of the fans must sell these tickets at exorbitant prices. While a few tickets are sold at high prices, not all tickets are sold at these costs. This is resulting in significant losses. According to people close to the situation, practically all of the big-ticket film special exhibition organisers have lost a significant amount of money. They're alleged to have suffered significant losses. Only one out of ten benefit events will make money, and the fans' presidents are overly optimistic, expecting their favourite star's film to make money through the special shows.

The price of these unique shows reflects the celebrity's passion as well. As a result, the presidents of the fans are delving deep into their pockets and spending large sums of money. As a result, the ticket prices for these concerts should be high, and few people are willing to pay these fees. Even die-hard fans prefer to attend regular events rather than benefit performances.

Distributors are undoubtedly benefiting from the situation and making money. However, it is the poor and middle-class fans that lose their hard-earned money in the end. Heroes and producers are unaware of these, despite the fact that they are all aware of what is going on on the ground. Furthermore, non-fans and outsiders began purchasing shows from distributors at exorbitant costs, harming the entire system and its original purpose. Fan shows were originally created to provide special shows to fans for whom producers/distributors were unable to obtain tickets for normal shows.

It's the fans who keep the theatres buzzing, expecting to watch their favourite star's first day first show. As a result, producers/distributors established a custom on the heroes' responsibilities. However, it soon took a commercial turn, resulting in a massive revenue potential for distributors and purchasers. Only a few films' benefit shows have turned out to be breakeven for fans in recent times – post-pandemic – while the rest have sustained significant losses.

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