F3, a funny family entertainer starring venkatesh and varun Tej and produced by Sri Venkateswara Creations, will be released on May 27th. sonal chauhan has a significant role in the film, and she has an unexpected component to her character. Here are some snippets from the actress's Q&A session.

What brought you to this position in F3?
While shooting for Legend, I met Anil sir. He was in RFC filming his film. I sort of ran into him. He said he wanted to work with me at the time. He was then preoccupied with his projects. Then one day, he called and said, "I'm making this film F3." Do you want to do it?' 'Of course,' I replied. I didn't even ask for the script from him. Anil sir reigns supreme when it comes to comedy. He later told me about the movie. I saw f2 and thought it was hilarious. The f3 script was more funnier and enjoyable when I heard it.

Why are certain aspects of your character kept hidden?
Because there is a twist and surprise element, my character was kept a secret even in the trailer.

What kind of research have you done to prepare for this role?
Obviously, I watched a lot of comedies. The most difficult genre to act in is comedy. Anil sir instructed me not to be concerned about anything and to simply come to the sets. For my debut comedy picture, I really could not ask for a finer director.

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