How did venkatesh and varun Tej get along?
I've always wanted to collaborate with venky sir. He is someone that we all admire. It's like deciding which box to include in your résumé. Working with him is an honour and a privilege. He's a complete performer. I used to love seeing him act in front of the camera. He was born to perform. He's excellent in front of the camera. He is a spiritual and upbeat individual. He is always concerned. He's a dream for producers. So much can be learned from him. varun Tej is a young actor who is doing exceptionally well. He is an extremely pleasant, upbeat, and pleasant individual to work with. For me, both of them are a joy to deal with.

How did tamannaah and mehreen get along?
They had already joined the franchise. I was a newcomer to the group. They are extremely friendly and accommodating. Through this film, I've made two close friends. Both are fantastic actresses who have made a name for themselves.

What was your first impression of anil ravipudi and how do you feel about him now?
This lady was really upbeat and polite when we first met while I was performing Legend. He is still the same person. His attitude regarding everything is really upbeat.

One memory you'll cherish for a long time.
Venkatesh was the subject of my first f3 photo. He made me feel completely at ease.

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