The desire to extract more money from people can sometimes have bad consequences. The heroes and top filmmakers wanted to raise the price of their movie' tickets and appealed with the authorities until their wishes were granted. However, the outcome must now be startling to them. On the first day of 'Sarkaru Vaari Paata,' I went to the Inorbit Mall to see the 12:30 show. The first two rows were shockingly empty. This almost never happens in big-budget films.

The first day of the 'Acharya' presentation was similar for me. The theatre was not completely full. I spent Rs 700, with Rs 350 going on the ticket and the rest going toward a water bottle and a snack. It would have cost me Rs 2000 or more if I had arranged it with my complete family. The movie stars are suffocating their own business by driving up the cost of production by boosting their remuneration to absurd levels. Why would someone spend hundreds of rupees in theatres when the films are available on demand in a month or 45 days?

With these ticket rates, the cinema business has lost the middle-class family audience. The big celebrity movies alienated that audience from the theatrical experience. As a result, people are unlikely to watch a terrific film starring mid-level actors. 'Ashokavanam Lo arjuna Kalyanam' is the best example in this category. It's past time for the major heroes to curb their avarice and safeguard their own industry.

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