For an unexplained reason, the 'Sarkaru Vaari Paata' unit held a celebration. Many people believe the party is being held to celebrate the film's successful release. The gathering was attended by all of the celebs associated with Mythri movie Makers. Trivikram, as usual, did not show up for the party because he had not received the invitation. meher ramesh is, after all, a special guest from Mahesh Babu's side.

Everything appears to be in order, but S Thaman is nowhere to be seen at the celebration. He is the principal technologist, and his song 'Kalavathy..' helped the film gain the necessary buzz. Except on saturday and Sunday, he has been residing in Hyderabad. He didn't show up for the friday celebration for no apparent reason. Some speculate that he was already in chennai at the time.

If he's in chennai, that's OK. If he is in Hyderabad, there is a reason for his absence from the party. There's a remark that his film's background score isn't quite up to par. Many people are making fun of this. The song 'Ma Ma Mahesha' has some trolling as well. Some speculate that he was disappointed by everything and hence was not in the mood to rejoice.

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