bollywood star ranbir kapoor will have a major release in the form of "Shamshera" before "Brahmastra." The film is scheduled for release on July 22nd, but the production team has not provided any updates as of now. In the midst of this, a movie poster featuring ranbir kapoor leaked online, and fans are freaking out about it. Ranbir's metamorphosis is pretty startling, and he appears completely different in the photo with long hair and a beard.

In the movie "Shamshera," which Ranbir is starring in as a dacoit, the story revolves around a tribe of dacoits who battle for their rights and freedom from the british Raj. Additionally, there are rumours that Ranbir would play both a father and a son in the film. However, it must be admitted. The 'Shamshera' production company, yash Raj Films, did not reply to the leaked poster.

The film is being directed by karan Malhotra and also features vaani kapoor and Sanjay Dutt. "Shamshera" was scheduled to debut in 2019 and was first announced in May 2018. Shamshera's arrival was delayed by the shooting and then accelerated by Covid-19. The first official trailer for the movie Shamshera is reportedly set to drop on june 24th, just days after bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor's first look from the project leaked online. Wow! That increased quickly from 0 to 100! A source told bollywood Hungama that the trailer for Shamshera would be out in less than a week.

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