Nude tuesday has a lot of positive aspects. It's actually bizarre, entertaining, and occasionally enlightening. The fact that the movie is entirely in gibberish, directed by Armaan Ballantyne from a screenplay by Jackie van Beek, who also stars, may be its most intriguing aspect. Nude tuesday is highly amusing, and even though the main idea wanes after a time, the plot kicks back up as it gets closer to the conclusion.

Nude tuesday concerns Laura (van Beek) and her husband Bruno, a miserable couple whose marriage has been stagnant for a long time. It is set on the imaginary island of Zbft. The difference between them is immediately apparent; Laura avoids Bruno, and he makes an excessive effort to maintain the spark in some way, putting on a forced smile. Simply put, they're miserable, and the only reason their marriage is going along is because it runs almost automatically. Bruno's mother gives them a paid trip to a new-age couples retreat that is hosted by the always horny Bjorg as a gift for their wedding anniversary meal. Laura and Bruno reluctantly drove up to the retreat in an effort to save their marriage.

The majority of couples getaway films and conventional rom-coms are unlike Nude Tuesday. The developed (and tense) bond between Laura and Bruno prevents them from feeling fake in any romantic circumstances or occasions. The conclusion also defies expectations of a quick fix retreat that is normally intended to solve their marital problems by failing to reunite them despite dialogues and realisations on both sides. Funny enough, the movie has subtitles, but it's still simple to understand because the performers' facial expressions and body language are so expressive and the language used in the movie is nonsense, so it doesn't really matter. The getaway simultaneously makes Laura and Bruno's tense relationship better and worse.

However, the retreat's activities do result in a satisfying conclusion that include the title Nude tuesday and everything it entails. Ballantyne's movie is entertaining even with its midway sag. The actors have excellent comic timing, and the antics they get into are hilarious and ridiculous. The audience will be attracted into Laura and Bruno's spontaneous interactions, their first awkwardness, and their eventual release from their own inhibitions and the emotions they've held so near to their hearts. In the end, Nude tuesday succeeds as a fascinating, intriguing movie that plays with a made-up tongue while maintaining the characters' feelings as accurately (and absurdly) as possible.

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