The Good Neighbor by Stephan Rick is a dependable type of thriller that is well-paced and really tense. Even before starting to watch the movie, it is simple to predict how the plot would develop based solely on the idea. Fortunately, that doesn't much diminish the suspense that Rick creates over the course of its running duration. Despite the fact that this isn't a ground-breaking film, there is something to be said about the delight that can be had from following a well-beaten path. Despite its convenient story lines and flawed characters, The Good Neighbor manages to be an exciting ride because of its scary lead.

For a brand-new job, American journalist David Stevens (Luke Kleintank) recently relocated to Riga, Latvia. While out one night with his charismatic neighbour Robert, what at first appears like a wonderful opportunity to move on from the hurts of his past takes a nightmare turn (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). After making a connection with a stunning woman at a club, David meets her again on the way home and kills her with his automobile. When the woman's sister Vanessa (Eloise Smyth) begins looking into the incident, David and Robert's efforts to conceal the tragedy are made much more difficult. As David approaches Vanessa, Robert's darker side emerges as he tries to keep David under control.

The pace of a thriller determines whether it succeeds or fails, and The Good Neighbor cleverly maintains a fairly constant pace. The Good Neighbor unfolds its plot at the right type of speed, save for a section in the middle where the action swings into a lower gear (based on an original screenplay by Rick and Silja Clemens), which was co-written by Rick and Ross Partridge. When the unintentional murder occurs, David has just started to settle into a pleasant life in Riga. Even if it is obvious that something would go wrong, the immediate shock of David's fleeting infatuation ending in death hits with the perfect intensity.

The character of David is yet another issue with The Good Neighbor. Although Kleintank does a good job of portraying David's many personalities, it is difficult to determine whether the film wants the audience to feel sorry for him or just wait impatiently for his crimes to be exposed. David is overcome with guilt right after the incident. Undoubtedly a natural response to killing someone, but then he starts dating Vanessa. Meyers' terrifying performance is undoubtedly the thing that moviegoers will remember the most. Anyone looking for some classic suspense would probably enjoy The Good Neighbor. Although it has shortcomings, when one is sufficiently invested one may easily overlook them.

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