The stunning telugu actress Chandini Chowdhary is now promoting her next movie "Sammathame," which stars kiran Abbavaram in the lead role. After the premiere of this film, the gifted local diva hopes that her career would take off, but she is frustrated by the fact that nearly every interviewer asks her the same question.

Are telugu females receiving adequate offers here? Chandini was asked during the Sammathame marketing. Do you find it annoying that foreign girls are constantly preferred here? Chandini responded, "Why don't you ask the same question to the casting directors and other people involved with the casting of the film," in response to this. She appeared unhappy about how things are going for telugu beauties here, but her demeanour was pretty flat.

I can't speak for other people, but I'm obviously disappointed that telugu girls aren't receiving more offers here. I'm not receiving enough offers, despite the fact that I keep getting films, she added. I'm not sure if girls from other states are getting more. For reasons that remain a mystery, native telugu women are becoming stars in tollywood much less frequently than hotties from nearby southern states and diva-types from delhi and Mumbai.

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