Some unfavourable rumours are circulating that renowned producer and director karan johar slammed bollywood reviewers, claiming that if kgf had been done in hindi originally, they would not have appreciated hindi cinema. The biggest name in bollywood, however, had a different viewpoint when speaking with renowned critic anupama chopra in a recent interview.

The reason South films, particularly telugu films, are successful in bollywood and throughout the world is that the filmmakers there are so self-assured that they don't look to anyone else for approval, according to karan johar, who made this statement rather bluntly. As he states, "I'm there at the launch of Baahubali 1 & 2, kgf, rrr and 2 Point O as well," he was simultaneously pretty pleased to be involved with all these major movies. Then again, he claims to have given them no star treatment. "I have no connection to Baahubali. rajamouli Sir created everything entirely.

Karan Johar criticised the bollywood community, particularly the major directors, at the same time for getting carried away. "Everyone pursues biopics when a biopic succeeds. We're not sure about this. If we are not found guilty, we are screwed. And since we were all irrationally unconvinced after kgf, we all wanted to make action movies. people like SS rajamouli, shankar Sir, and prashanth neel are experts in their fields. We have to comprehend it, he continued.

Whatever the case, bollywood is currently deeply concerned about the reason why telugu films are performing extremely well there while original hindi films are failing.

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