Of course, a movie's fate cannot be determined before it opens in theatres. However, a select few top distributors often obtain data from various post-production departments to assess the value of the movies. And it's been reported that a renowned distributor recently admitted to his friends that many of the upcoming tollywood movies are probably just going to be flops.

A top producer will soon be seen in tollywood for a hot movie that has reportedly been poorly made. A young person who has just gained fame is rumoured to be working on just another ordinary picture at the same time. The final versions of an action comedy starring a struggling hero and a multi-layered drama starring an influential family hero are believed to have greatly disappointed the producers.

Similar to this, two additional underdog heroes are developing separate movies, one of which is a fantasy thriller and the other is a remade love story. Both films' final cuts are reportedly quite dull. Except for one movie, which is being created by a director whose debut movie garnered all the attention shortly before the first lockdown and is rumoured to have done well, but which may not do well financially due to poor casting and excessive histrionics. But the question is whether tollywood would manage to survive if so many films fail.

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