RJ Balaji, a character artist, has been captivating everyone with his decisions ever since he began writing, directing, and acting lead roles in movies. Veetla Vishesham, his most recent film, is receiving excellent attention from all sides, as seen by the weekends' strong audience attendance. The movie has got a solid response despite 'Vikram' storm everywhere in the cinemas.

The bollywood smash hit "Badaai Ho" was remade into the film "Veetla Vishesham." In the movie, the main character is in love with a girl, but when his mother unexpectedly becomes pregnant, it leads to a comedy of mistakes and social satires. Actually, suresh Babu was going to buy the rights to remake the movie in telugu initially, but naga chaitanya declined. Later, they chose raj tarun to star in the film, but that choice was unsuccessful as well. The film's creators have since relinquished their rights.

One would question what the issue is with our young heroes taking on this movie, but it seems that because the tale centres on the mother character rather than the hero's role, our egotistical heroes aren't doing it. According to how the tamil version of the movie turned out, boney kapoor, the rights owner, is reportedly pushing dil raju to find the appropriate hero to star in this movie.

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