Gangai Amaran has said that talks are underway to cast ajith and Vijay in the same film. gangai amaran is a multi-faceted director, composer, singer, storyteller and political figure. Has given many hit films. His eldest son venkat Prabhu. Vijay, ajith in one film... Hot news by Gangai Amaran!

He is also a director. Finally, the movie Manmadha Leela was released under his direction. ashok Selvan played the hero in this film. Released as an adult content film, the film received mixed reviews. He is currently directing party and the 22nd film of naga Chaitanya. venkat Prabhu's father gangai amaran met reporters. Speaking at the time, he said that talks were underway to cast ajith and Vijay together in the same film and that the script was ready.

He also said that good news will come soon and we will announce it ourselves. venkat prabhu said that he is currently busy with naga Chaitanya's film and the shooting of the film will start on the 23rd. gangai amaran said that he did not see his son and only talked on the phone. gangai amaran also said that his brother composer ilayaraja has composed the music for the film superbly.

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