An esteemed movie is "Virataparvam." However, the data indicate that the audience abandoned this movie. These kinds of movies are quite uncommon, but the director was unable to boost its box office appeal. sai pallavi directed this movie. Nothing else in it particularly appealing but her. Only when a powerful villain is present can the strength of a hero be understood. This play lacks that element. The director followed Vennela's life while ignoring the other characters.

What he scribbled on the paper is unknown, but the impact is not visible on the screen. Rana's personality wasn't developed very much. In many scenes, he seems unfocused. Sammayya, the pivotal figure who turns the narrative and brings about Vennela's demise, was poorly perceived. The audience was unmoved by Vennela's passing. The climax was not written as it should have been.

Nandita Das, Eeshwara Rao, nivetha Pethuraj, and priyamani are other strong actresses which the filmmaker completely overlooked employing. Also shakily employed was Zareena Wahab. The director's singular attention on sai pallavi is the primary cause of this failure in handling other characters. rahul ramakrishna and sai chand may have also provided some powerful scenes. rahul Ramakrishna's dialogues actually have a good reception. The tunes in this movie are subpar. There are no eerie tunes. There is a prevailing belief that modern audiences cannot be engaged by stories about naxals. But everything that is displayed on television in the appropriate way will draw viewers.

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