The audience was complimented by kalyan ram for their enthusiastic reception to Bimbisara. The Nandamuri actor referred to it as the audience's success since they demonstrated that they always enjoy movies with solid content. As he previously stated, kalyan ram appears to be keeping up with his ambitions to release more from the Bimbisara series. The second portion of Bimbisara, according to the actor, will be substantially bigger. On a broader scale, he claimed, it will have a better fantasy. kalyan ram assigned the task of making Part 2 in every way conceivable even better.

Kalyan ram also expressed his appreciation for helping the movie business during a difficult time. The star of Bimbisara intends to produce more quality movies in the future. He also acknowledged the entire team and emphasised the rerecording that keeravani had supplied. Srinivasa Reddy, a comedian, also thanked the crowd for their support of Bimbisara today. He referred to his and kalyan Ram's pairing as a blockbuster one. ram -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>kalyan ram also concurred.

The Nandamuri family has had three films released in the past several months: first, Balakrishna's akhanda on december 1, 2021; second, NTR's rrr on march 24 of this year; and third, kalyan Ram's Bimbisara on yesterday. While the fact that all three of these movies were good successes is one thing they all have in common, there is another.

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