When two films with top stars or two respected directors release on the same day, sometimes both films succeed and other times one picture performs better than the other. The final decision to not miss the movie that fascinates him more is made by the viewer. That might determine which movie has a higher opening weekend takeover than the other, but it's not the deciding factor.

Initially, both "Jai santoshi Maa's" collecting and acceptability were superior to "Sholay." That is how the movie industry operates and how consumers express their preferences. The sadistic nature of the film industry is unavoidable and permeates all levels—producers, directors, performers, and so on. The rest of the clan discreetly rejoices and celebrates when a friday release movie bombs. It's a never-ending cycle. When his movie is published, the person who revels in the other's failure will be the target. On the other days, though, they are all friends. Really, it makes no sense.

The worst is what is occurring right now, just days before the august 11 premiere of two films starring well-known actors. It has highlighted the petty nature of the profession. On social media, opposing groups have emerged, and bots are at work, particularly on Twitter, where two camps—one supporting "Raksha Bandhan" and the other "Laal Singh Chaddha"—are busy dissing the other. It is a no-holds-barred brawl that even involves personal attacks.

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