When dil raju and other producers from the Active Producers Guild made the decision to take a break so they could make choices about matters relating to the film business, all of the filming in tollywood came to an end. The choice to halt filming on august 1st, however, hasn't gone over well with some producers.

It has just come to light that pawan kalyan and Nandamuri Balakrishnan both gave their producers dates and requested that filming for their respective projects begin on august 24. Since Pawan and balayya have so many political obligations, it is obvious that they cannot change their plans. Considering their star power and influence, the strike must be modified to take into account their obligations.

While Pawan is eager to begin production on his upcoming project, a remake of the tamil blockbuster Vinodaya Sutam, balayya wants to finish Gopichand Malineni's #NBK107 as soon as possible. Given the dates that these two prominent actors have set, it will undoubtedly be difficult for the tollywood organisations led by dil raju to resolve all the problems and begin filming. Additionally, if production picks back up just to accommodate Pawan and Balayya's labour, that will undoubtedly fuel rumours that a select group of powerful celebrities are heavily swaying the market. We need to wait and see.

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