These days, going to the movies at a multiplex is pricey. Aside from the expensive ticket pricing, multiplex chains like PVR, INOX, and Cinepolis have extremely high food and beverage charges. people frequently ponder why theatres would charge such exorbitant fees for popcorn and other concessions. The chairman and MD of PVR Cinemas, ajay Bijli, discussed these uncertainties in an interview with the Economic Times. In his opinion, consumers are not to responsible for their complaints about the exorbitant pricing of popcorn at the PVR franchise. But despite what he indicated, this pattern will not alter.

According to him, indian moviegoers are gradually switching from single to many screens, and the prices of food and drink will be high to meet the costs of operation. He said that they needed to spend a significant amount of money on renting the space, establishing the infrastructure, and fitting numerous screens into it. He said that earlier movie theatres only had one projector and one sound system. Additionally, he mentioned that back then, none of the theatres had air conditioning. He emphasised that the advent of multiplexes has resulted in a 4- to 6-fold increase in expenses.

According to ajay Bijli, multiplex chains must raise the cost of food and beverages in order to maintain their high operational costs because they don't frequently raise the price of movie tickets. According to reports, PVR used to raise ticket prices by 5% to 7% annually before the epidemic. The ticket prices have now increased by 23%.

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