Anupama Parameswaran, a gifted beauty, will work alongside siddhu Jonnalagadda in the much anticipated dj Tillu sequel. In dj Tillu 2, Anupama will play radhika alongside Tillu, nicknamed Siddhu, according to individuals in the know. Soon, an official confirmation is anticipated. Anupama, who is renowned for her meaningful parts, is anticipated to play a gorgeous part in dj Tillu 2. Anupama will find it difficult to act like she did in dj Tillu, but she is already getting ready for the part.

Vimal krishna did not direct the follow-up. Mallik Ram, who made his directorial debut with Adbhutam, will direct dj Tillu 2, while siddhu Jonnalagadda will contribute to the writing. Anupama is currently enjoying herself thanks to the success of karthikeya 2, and she has already demonstrated that she is fortunate for the follow-up films. Let's see what dj Tillu 2 has in store. It is exciting to anticipate seeing siddhu and Anupama together on TV.

A double blockbuster at the box office, dj Tillu is a movie. Because of how well received the movie was, a sequel was also announced. This movie's script is also finished, and the project was introduced in hyderabad with a little pooja ceremony. The filming will begin in the third week of August, according to the update. The principal actors in this movie are siddhu Jonnalagadda and Neha Sharma.

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