According to rumours from Film Nagar, one of our biggest star heroes is reportedly seriously worrying his investors right now. It's none other than Pawan Kalyan, and with two of his movies already in production and two more about to start, here's how the financial crisis is going to impact his endeavours.

According to reports, AM Ratnam, the producer, obtained substantial funds from financiers to create hari Hara Veeramallu under Krish's supervision. The film's production was repeatedly put on hold for a variety of reasons, and as a result of his political obligations, pawan kalyan is currently withholding the movie's release date. The movie's backers are concerned about the delay, and some are reportedly pressuring the production to return the money.

The producers of the Vinodaya Sitham remake barred everyone at the same time, from sets to artists, but pawan kalyan twice postponed the start of production on this movie. He really provided dates beginning in the first week of august, but tollywood postponed the filming. He is now prepared to begin filming on august 24th, although it is unknown when tollywood will resume shooting. According to reports, this is putting pressure on the movie's creators, who took out sizable debts to start the project.

Then there is Harish Shankar's long-gestating Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh, for which the producers are paying the director and his crew enormous wages. The production company is very concerned since PK isn't in the mood to start the movie right away. Due to the significant costs involved, it would be devastating if the producers decided to put this time on hold.

The lack of funding will undoubtedly have an impact on Pawan Kalyan's projects if he doesn't finish his movies on schedule. Fans of pawan kalyan do, however, claim that he is only a part-time politician if he acts in movies. They claim that manufacturers are paying financiers interest as a result of the delay if he solely engages in politics. Whatever he does, he always executes it at the appropriate moment.

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