dil raju has recently been the subject of inaccurate media reports. There were numerous rumours that he put pressure on karthikeya 2 to be delayed, which upset the protagonist Nikhil. dil Raju, however, has refuted all of these rumours in a statement. At the film's success celebration held today, dil raju broke his silence and delivered a moving statement. dil raju declared, "I adore movies, and as long as I am alive, I will never do anything that will harm any movie."

"We originally planned to release Thank You on July 8, but we moved that date forward to July 22. The karthikeya 2 team originally intended for their movie to be released on august 22nd. They agreed when I requested them to change the date of their release. But the media generated a lot of unrelated tales about me," the producer claimed.

In response to claims that he attempted to halt the release of karthikeya 2, dil raju became emotional. "I've known Nikhil since the days of Happy Days. Along with director Chandoo Mondeti, Abhishek, and People's media Factory, I get along well with him,' dil raju said, adding that media rumours are unfounded and he didn't want to push karthikeya 2 back unduly for personal advantage.

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