Aditi Shankar, daughter of renowned filmmaker Shankar, made her acting debut in the most recent tamil film Viruman. karthi played the main character in this country drama directed by M. Muthaiah. It premiered on august 12. Although Viruman had strong debuts, reviews have been varied. Aditi, meanwhile, received no praise for her acting abilities. Viruman, however, can be seen of as a secure launch pad for Aditi because of its star power and good openings.

Despite having a strong following in Telugu-speaking states, karthi was not dubbed in that language. Perhaps the filmmakers believed that telugu audiences would not enjoy the story. Aditi has not yet been introduced to telugu speakers. Aditi agreed to star in Siva Karthikeyan's second movie, another star hero. Recently, this unnamed project was introduced. Siva Karthikeyan's recent track record suggests that this movie may get a simultaneous telugu release. As a result, it will serve as the film's Aditi introduction to telugu audiences.

There is something about prakash raj and his "dad" characters that makes him stand out among the best villains in indian cinema, even though he always appears lethal and poisonous on screen. prakash raj has played characters that represent every type of father on the parenting spectrum, ranging from a Responsible Dad to an Overprotective Dad to a Toxic Dad.

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