For the film SSMB28, mahesh babu and trivikram reunited after a lengthy absence. While Trivikram's final movie was Ala Vaikuntapuram lo in 2020, Mahesh Babu's Sarkaaru Vaari Paata earned lacklustre reviews. The anticipation for SSMB28 is growing every day, and this is the narrative rumour. The shooting for the movie will begin by next month and pooja hegde will join the talkie portions initially as per sources.

It is rumoured that trivikram, who is most known for family comedies, did his thing in the first half. The first half of the film is said to have comedy and romance, with the second half of the film focusing on the main plot. Similar to the most of Trivikram's movies, this one appears to be showing a brief flashback to the family. Like Ala Vaikuntapuram lo, it appears that trivikram is packing another family-friendly comedy, but this time there will be more action.

Currently, pooja hegde is the female lead, although Samyukta menon and nabha natesh are being mentioned for the second and third heroine roles. It appears that salman khan and pooja hegde are prepared to dazzle their audience with a fun musical number in their eagerly anticipated upcoming film, "Bhaijaan." Having stated that, the pair had already taken a plane to leh ladakh to conduct the same shooting. salman and pooja were apprehended at a mumbai private airport earlier in the evening.

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