The hot actress janhvi kapoor is well known for her online taunting as she spicifies her instagram feed with seductive images. She didn't spare any effort as she once more displayed her curvy figure on Sunday. Evidently, Janhvi uploaded some shots from a photo shoot of her and everyone was blown away. She gave out more glitz than necessary while donning a white bodycon dress with a plunging neckline, scorching the eyes of passersby.

She says, coming face to face with the observers, "Passionate from miles away, passive with the things u say." janhvi kapoor, on the other hand, is anticipating yet another major blockbuster even though she isn't currently starring in any noteworthy bollywood movies and her most recent tamil remake "Good Luck Jerry" failed to get a tonne of interest upon its OTT release. Even though she had been offered #NTR30, she is avoiding telugu movies for unclear reasons.

Janhvi was dressed in a white minidress. The corset-style garment has a modest thigh split and a plunging neckline with straps. You won't be able to take your eyes off the diva as we couldn't because the sensual number wonderfully matched her toned form. Janhvi chose delicate pearl-studded drop earrings as her accessories.

She used brown eyeshadow to draw attention to her eyes, as well as a lot of mascara, defined brows, bronzer, blush, and a flash of red on her lips. The actress made a sloppy bun out of her hair.

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