India's official Oscars 2023 submission is a Gujarati movie titled "Chhello Show" (The Last Show). The Gujarati film has been chosen as India's submission by the Film Federation of India's committee after viewing all the entries. This movie was chosen by the committee over rrr and The kashmir Files, among other competitors.

The oscar entry for "RRR" has generated a lot of excitement on social media thanks to Rajamouli's crew and supporters. Hashtags like "NTR Goes Global" and "Oscars for RRR" were developed every other day. The committee, however, was in no way impressed. "Chhello Show" was given preference by the indian jury over "RRR" and "Kashmir Files." What prospects does "RRR" now have? The Oscars committee can choose to include the movie in major categories. But these occurrences are extremely uncommon. rajamouli and his crew will have to spend close to Rs 50 crore on publicity to make this happen. Who will support that kind of cash?

Hollywood's leading journalist Clayton Davis recalled 'The Lunchbox' snub shortly after India's formal entry at the Oscars in 2023 and claimed india could have won. No #RRR at the Oscars for an international film, he wrote. india has picked another movie over the one they probably might have won with for the second time in recent memory. The first was that they didn't select THE LUNCHBOX. Quite the morning.

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