Promotion, and publicity are the two which play a vital role in making a movie a hit these days. That's why promotions are being done on a huge scale starting from small-budget movies to big-budget movies. These promotions are very important to get the film in front of the public before its release. However, when it comes to the promotions of megastar Chiranjeevi's big hero film Godfather, why is the film unit lagging?
Although the film is slated to release on october 5 as a dussehra gift, there have been criticisms that the promotions have not been done to a significant extent. In this sequence, the first lyrical video song from the film has been released. This song which was released late from the movie directed by Mohan Raja is doing the rounds on YouTube. Mega Star Chiru's steps with bollywood muscle hero Salman Khan, who played a special role in the film, are shaking YouTube.

Chiru and Sallu Bhai gave a hearty dance to the energetic number composed by young music sensation Thaman. The steps in this song, which came late, are filling the hearts of mega fans. Choreographed by famous choreographer Prabhudeva, he also shined in this song. Anyway now this lyrical song is trending on social media. And, since the release date is not much time. We have to wait and see if the promotions will increase with more updates.

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