Of course, many leading ladies had a significant hiatus after having their first kid, but superstar kajal aggarwal is eager to return to the filming schedule barely four months after their baby was born. The actress is reportedly having fitness problems as a result of rushing to film sets, though. Today, the actress gave a similar explanation.

Kajal shared a video of herself practising horseback riding at a training facility and said that after giving birth, she is unable to engage in strenuous physical activity or extended workdays. "It has been difficult for me to regain my vitality. She explained that getting on a horse, much alone riding one, looked like a daunting effort, and that she now finds it difficult to train in martial arts, despite how easy it used to be.

Kajal is still making a lot of effort to exercise, so where does she get her energy from? "Our bodies will change, but our unwavering spirit and unquenchable drive, need not," she continues, kicking up sweat as she rides the horse in the warm weather. Certainly, Kajal Aggarwal's remarks are inspiring, and we sincerely hope that she will soon get in shape and join the production of her upcoming movie, indian 2, in which she will be paired with Kamal Haasan.

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