Recently, content-focused themes have sparked controversy at the box office and captivated consumers. The upcoming movie Geeta Sakshigaa is based on actual events. Since its announcement, the movie, which stars Aadarsh and Chitra Shukla, has grabbed everyone's interest. Recently, the film's interesting first look and motion poster won over everyone.

The creators now unveiled the gorgeous and compelling teaser. The teaser has a strong atmosphere thanks to the amazing images and musical score. Chitra Shukla, who opposes srikanth Iyenger in court, was included in the teaser as one of the film's strong characters. On the other side, actor Aadarsh is presented in jail and later shows off his chiselled body with a stirring speech. The audience is anxiously expecting the movie as a result of the teaser's outstanding BGM, strong performances, and breathtaking graphics.

The film's brilliant cast includes raja Ravindra, Jayalalitha, Roopesh Shetty, bharani Shankar, srikanth Iyengar, and many other well-known actors. The story for the movie was written by chetan Raj, who also produced it under the chetan Raj films label. The movie's screenplay was written by and directed by Anthony Mattipalli. The movie is presented by Pushpak and JBHRNKL. The cinematography is handled by Venakt Hanuma Nariset, and the editing is handled by kishore Maddali. The song's music is being composed by legendary musician Gopi Sundar.

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