It frequently happens that filmmakers develop their own methods for promoting their films. A few days before the release, they step up their game. The Ghost's producers are putting their plans into practise and providing frequent updates. nagarjuna stars. The Ghost Guns and Swords is a video that was made to show off more of the action in the film. The video demonstrates the type of pre-production work sonal chauhan and nagarjuna conducted.

For the film, nagarjuna in particular had extensive training in both sword fighting and pistol handling. Tamahagane is The Ghost's preferred weapon, as is well known. Along with the training sessions of the primary couple, the video depicts various battle scenes from the film. There will undoubtedly be some heart-pounding action scenes in The Ghost, and as we saw in the teaser and trailer, they were expertly orchestrated. The Ghost, which was directed by praveen Sattaru, will have a pre-release event on this month's 25th in Kurnool. On october 5th, the movie will be released in theatres.

Anyone who has seen lokesh Kanagaraj's film Vikram, starring Kamal Haasan, would be familiar with Fahadh Faasil's character's description of Kamal's character, Agent Vikram, as "The Ghost"—an undercover agent who vanished from view before reappearing on a mission. In a tiny way, Lokesh's movie also created a link to Kamal Haasan's vikram from 1986. Here's something telugu movie enthusiasts who have followed the career of actor nagarjuna Akkineni would know.

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