On this very same day (September 30), 23 years ago, we were first introduced to one of the most famous figures in tamil film. Since then, she has matured, gained a following, and established herself as a household name in the South. No one other than trisha herself is the subject here! trisha won the Miss chennai title back on september 30, 1999, which put her in the sights of the tamil cinema industry. She was chosen and given a role in her debut movie, Mounam Pesiyadhe, in 2002, catapulting her to fame. Her most recent movie, Ponniyin Selvan, was released on the same day that she was crowned Miss chennai, 23 years later.

She and her supporters, who have been with her from the beginning to where she is today, have had a beautiful journey. trisha has finished a full cycle, and we, her followers, are overjoyed by how far she has gone. This will be a very momentous day for Trisha. She has captured our hearts many times over the years with her beauty, acting talent, and wide variety of roles—including that of the girl next door, college student, politician, villain, and others. She has amazed us in every way, she does so even now, and we have no doubt that she will continue to do so with her upcoming movies.

She was crowned for the first time when she won her pageant title, and she is wearing a fresh crown because she is in the biggest picture in tamil cinema. This demonstrates unequivocally that "Once a princess, always a princess" is true. trisha portrays Kundavai, the Chola princess and child of Emperor Sundara Chola, in Ponniyin Selvan. She has a significant part in the film, which has a cult-like fan base. Positive reviews of her performance in the movie have also been coming in.

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