Mega-producer Allu Arvind has a reputation for being a cunning businessman, and rumour has it that he only accepts projects that would make him money. Then, to many people's surprise, they just introduced "Allu Studios," which even megastar chiranjeevi regarded as a not-very-lucrative business. And this is the reason it seems like a wise decision.

On a 10-acre plot of land in Hyderabad's Gandipet neighbourhood, one of the fastest-growing areas for both residential and commercial development, and just a short distance from the Financial District, Allu Studios is being built. That 10 acres of land, which is quite close to ORR, could have easily accommodated a sizable residential and commercial project that would have brought the Allu family millions of dollars in earnings.

But according to what we've heard, Allu Arvind feels that whereas actors like Akkinen and Daggubati have studio addresses, he doesn't, which is why he wants to construct this studio. The problem is that if the studio expands, adding floors won't be enough; they also need to create post-production facilities, which require both advanced equipment and skilled technicians. The challenge now is finding the proper technicians and keeping them for a long time in the business, much like how annapurna studios hires the best colorists and visual effects artists. Let's see what Allu Studios can achieve to make themselves a major force in the industry.

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