Adipurush's teaser was released last night, starring Prabhas. Everyone had high expectations for it, but the teaser ended up disappointing viewers. On social media, a lot of admirers and internet users mocked Adipurush's VFX and animation work. They claimed that the movie had a cartoonish appearance. However, none of the movie stars commented negatively on the trailer.

In the meantime, SS Kanchi, the cousin of renowned actor and director SS Rajamouli, made an underhanded remark regarding the movie. " పౌరాణికం తీస్తే తెలుగోడే తీయాలి… ...," he wrote on social media. (Only someone who speaks telugu should direct mythological movies.)

He indirectly mocked Adipurush's teaser in this way. Even he poked fun at Mani Ratnam's ponniyin selvan a couple of days back. His remarks are currently trending on telugu social media. Adipurush, a live-action mythological movie based on the Ramayana, was directed by Om Raut. Lord Rama is portrayed by prabhas in it. Sita will be portrayed by Kriti Sanon. Ravana is portrayed by Saif ali Khan. The worldwide debut is scheduled for january 12, 2023. Many fans and netizens trolled the VFX and animation work of Adipurush on social media. They said that the movie is looking like a cartoon.

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