Since the news broke, fans have been suffering greatly from the superstar prabhas and director Maruthi combo. They launched a significant social media campaign asking prabhas to decline the role, but the movie went on without making a formal statement. prabhas reportedly wasn't in every schedule that the filmmaker shot. Here is the most recent news.

After viewing the first schedule's rushes, prabhas reportedly became quite impressed with Maruthi's work but also had an amazing idea. The protagonist is claimed to have recommended the director to change the plot of "Raja Deluxe" so that it would be about a diamond thief and the film's fascinating chase sequences would be discussed, rather than carve out "Raja Deluxe" as a horror-comedy that was shot on a short budget.

There is a rumour going around that Maruthi has already consented to Prabhas' request and is already rewriting the narrative with all his might. One wonders what is truly cooking as neither Maruthi nor prabhas have spoken publicly about the movie, but we continue to hear new rumours about it every day. It appears that "Raja Deluxe" will only be discussed in rumours until anything official is announced.

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