The "Godfather" starring megastar and "The Ghost" starring nagarjuna are battling it out on the festival eve at the telugu box office for the first time in a very long time. Both movies are scheduled for a dasara release on october 5th, and megastar Chiru's advance bookings for his feature are already kicking ass, while Nagarjuna's film is gradually taking up. Who or what are the intended audiences for these films?

Megastar is actually serious about not asking for extravagant rates because "Acharya" brought in massive losses to distributors after being sold at a price of more than 140 crores to international theatre circuits. However, we must admit that "Godfather" was sold for an astounding sum, with the producers earning a combined total of more than 95 crores from the global theatrical market. The movie brought in close to a million dollars from the USA and another 10 to 15 crores from the rest of the world and other indian states, selling for close to 70+ crores in telugu states alone.

The "Godfather" has to earn close to 100+ crores in box office receipts to be considered a "hit" movie after additional costs of approximately 5+ crores for publicity and everything else. Regarding Nagarjuna's "The Ghost," it appears that the movie hasn't done well considering that the actor's previous release, "The Bangarraju," only made 34+ crores even after receiving favourable reviews. The theatrical rights for "The Ghost," which included print and publicity costs, were sold for a total of 24 crores. telugu states contributed 18 crores, the USA contributed $1 crore, and the remaining countries contributed 1 crore. The movie will be a smash hit if it makes even one crore more than that across all markets and dialects.

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