When it comes to three projects that are figuratively waiting for samantha Ruth Prabhu, things are going pretty wrong for her producers because she is not available. The actress has been to the united states for unknown reasons, which has already been indirectly confirmed by a number of sources, and she is now preparing to leave.

According to a samantha team that is keeping track of all of her jobs back home, the actress travelled to the USA to get ready for the indian adaptation of the web series "Citadel," which is being produced by raj and DK. Whatever it is, how could samantha lend a helping hand to Yashodha and Shakuntalam's creators when those projects' producers want to see them released in theatres as soon as possible? In order to begin the next schedule, both Vijay devarakonda and director Siva Nirvana are waiting for the hottie to appear on the "Kushi" set.

Samantha's management is now rumoured to have made it clear that she will return home in two weeks and be available for the kushi shoot right away. She will promote both Yashodha and Shakuntalam at night while filming for that project during the day; the revised release dates for these two films have not yet been determined. On the other side, people are perplexed as to why samantha, one of the most followed persons on Instagram, has yet to post a single photo from her trip to the United States. That samantha, a self-described social media addict, has started a wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital detox is shocking beyond belief.

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