There has been a lot of criticism of the movie's graphics ever since the release of the prabhas Adipurush trailer. Some trolls kept saying they felt like they were watching the "Temple Run" game again, and others questioned whether or not students at a multimedia tutoring facility in Ameerpet, Hyderabad, were responsible for the visual effects. One well-known VFX studio was not pleased with any of these charges.

The trolls have criticised Superstar ajay Devgn's visual effects production company "NY VFXWALA" for the subpar CG work of the prabhas starrer despite prasad Sutar being listed as one of the co-producers of the movie Adipurush. prasad also served as a founding member of NY VFXWALA, the organisation whose current chairman is Ajay. The well-known VFX studio, though, has denied any involvement in the graphics work for Adipurush's films, including Jagga Jassoos, Shivaay, Baajirao Mastani, and OK Bangaram.

The corporation claimed that they had no connection to the project despite media representatives continually calling them to address the criticism that Adipurush's graphics work is receiving online. One wonders who created the VFX for the production and why major studios like T-Series, who produced the movie, didn't look into the computer graphics' ultra-realistic quality and realistic-looking animation as well.

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