Case To Banta Hai: abhishek bachchan, furious for making fun of his father, left the show midway

Abhishek Bachchan recently reached the show 'Kase To Bana Hai'. There, some joke was made about amitabh bachchan, which abhishek did not like and he got furious. Even after persuading the makers of the show, the actor left the shooting midway.

Amazon mini TV comedy show 'Case To Bana Hai' is making a lot of headlines these days on social media. Recently, this show is once again in the headlines but this time the reason can be disturbing for the makers of the show. A video of the shooting of the show is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which it is seen that abhishek bachchan gets furious when the actor of the show jokes and leaves the show midway.

Let us tell you that the concept of the show is such that the show's judge Kush Kapila and lawyers Ritesh Deshmukh and varun sharma are seen joking with the guests. Meanwhile, actor-comedian Paritosh Tripathi cracks a joke on amitabh bachchan, after which Abhishek's mercury rises. Initially, it sounds like a joke but in the video, abhishek is seen telling the makers, 'I am not an idiot... Yeh more is happening, say whatever you want to say to me, I understand. But not the parents. Keep a joke on me, I get a little sensitive about my father. He is my father, I don't like it.'

After this, abhishek calls the makers of the show and expresses his strong objection to it. This kind of atmosphere on the set increases everyone's heartbeat. Paritosh tries to convince Abhishek, but nothing works. When the makers of the show try to cool off Abhishek's anger, they advise him to respect the elders and leave the show.

People are discussing this reaction of junior Bachchan fiercely on social media. His fans are commenting fiercely on this. Everyone's opinion there seems to be divided on this, some believe that whatever abhishek did, he did it right. Playing with the respect of elders in the name of comedy should not be tolerated. But many people are also considering it as a publicity stunt. He believes that the producers and actors of the show keep doing such stunts for TRP. It is scripted.

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