The actress slapped Nayanthara on the cheek..!?

Naanum Rowdithan was released in 2015 starring actress Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, and others. This movie was directed by director Vignesh Shivan. After the release of this film, Nayanthara acted in the film and started shooting many films at the same time. In that way, Nayanthara, who wanted to act in a rural plot, acted in the film Thirunal, directed by director Ram Nath and starring actor Jeeva. Then Nayanthara, who came late after finishing the shooting of Naanum Rowdithan movie, went to shoot on the first day of Thirunal movie and told the director Ramnath to finish the shooting quickly today.
Director Ramnath immediately said yes and sent Nayanthara away after shooting for almost 2 hours on the first day of the film. Then during the interval scene, there will be a scene where Nayanthara gets a slap on the cheek from Rama, who played Nayanthara's mother. But even though this scene was not in the script, director Ram Nath suddenly created the scene. Immediately, Nayanthara, who acted in that scene, said with a big heart that it is okay. 2015 was the period when Nayanthara made re-entry and stirred the masses. If Nayanthara had thought then, she might have asked why she put this scene. But regardless of all that, Nayanthara understood that it is normal for scenes to change in a movie and did not take it seriously.
It is because of this that even though Nayanthara is married, she is still crawling as a lady superstar in many films. Many people in the kollywood circle are praising Nayanthara as her patience is the reason for all this.

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