Nothing that can happen in this world does so without lobbying. Even the supposedly distinguished Academy Awards could fall victim to unethical behaviour. That is the expectation, I suppose. In actuality, regardless of who serves on the award committee, they are all inherently human. The Film Federation of india set rrr aside but submitted an official submission for the Gujarati film Chchello Show in the Best Foreign Film category for the Academy Awards in 2023.

However, rajamouli and his crew remained optimistic. To garner as many Academy Awards as they could, they were more aggressive in their marketing of the movie. Yes, it's several instead of just one! Up to 14 categories for the movie rrr have been filed to the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences. It should come as no surprise that RRR's creators are vying for nominations in all the major categories, including Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay-Story, Best Original Song, Best Music, Best Supporting Actor — Male, Best Supporting Actor — Female, and Best Actor awards for ram and Jr NTR, among others.

The oscar awards committee is paying attention thanks to the greatest promotion ever. rajamouli does really have a script for everything, from producing a movie to marketing it and even catching the attention of the awards committee. Why all of this fervour and tenacity? When this question was posed, an insider responded that rajamouli might have better access to hollywood heavyweights for his future ambitions if his picture wins an Academy Award. This is undoubtedly a debatable subject.

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