The outrage directed at megastar chiranjeevi by spiritual speaker and scholar Garikapati at the Alai-Balai event held by haryana governor bandaru dattatreya in hyderabad on thursday is growing into a significant controversy. While Garikapati's reaction in opposition to chiranjeevi taking pictures with his admirers on the dais was completely uncalled for, naga Babu had no business interjecting himself into the entire scene by making pointless remarks.

Despite Garikapati's rage, chiranjeevi acted with the utmost dignity and showed the latter an unusual amount of respect. Garikapati bowed his head before the megastar for the simple reason that it was enough. However, nagababu made a needless commotion by making unnecessary remarks about the occurrence. The gigantic brother's post has now drawn a strong response from the Brahmin factions. Dronamraju ravi Kumar, vice president of the All india Brahmin Federation, said: "It is an illusionary realm that doesn't differentiate between make-up and Avadhanam. Spitting at the sky is what it means to say that a traditional spiritual guru, who is enlightening society with his daily preaching, is envious of the fame of a filmy businessman, who understands just how to do business with his acting and has forgotten doing good for society.

Without using naga Babu's name, ravi Kumar questioned how someone who always comes in second could call himself a music maestro and post on social media. Mega fans, however, also angrily responded to Garikapati's remarks on social media and sought an apology from him. Some even threatened to stop his "pravachanams" by doing so. It goes without saying that the Garikapati-Chiranjeevi episode gave television networks and online media plenty of masala. They had discussions in which the speakers criticised Garikapati for his excessive impatience.

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