The most popular programme on the AHA platform, "Unstoppable," hosted by balakrishna, is now continuing as "Unstoppable 2." This time, according to sources, it will be a family-friendly programme. In one episode, balakrishna will chat with Chandrababu and Lokesh, and the following one might have chiranjeevi and ram Charan. Following Balakrishna's approval, it was also intended to first host ntr and ram -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>kalyan ram together. ntr has also given his permission to appear on the programme and be interviewed by his uncle Balakrishna.

However, in light of the ntr Health university controversy, balakrishna is currently firmly declining to host NTR. It is well known that ntr compared Senior ntr with ysr in one of his posts, which upset the Nandamuri clan. Aside from everything else, it was also revealed that trivikram srinivas and pawan kalyan were also invited to this family show. So how did the two end up having a family? What's in the works? There is much laughter in this. As far as anyone in the world is aware, trivikram and Pawan are not in any way linked as family members.

It is well known that Nandamuri balakrishna is acting in a movie under Gopichand Malineni's directing. The movie's current filming is almost complete. We are all aware of the filmmakers' plans to release the movie on the eve of Sankranthi in 2023. Fans want to know when the movie, whose title has not yet been revealed, will be released. It was reported that the movie's title will be unveiled in vijayawada at the start of Balayya's OTT series Unstoppable, however this did not occur.

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