One of the biggest films in the nation is RRR. Everyone urged that rrr be sent as India's official entry for the Oscars because of the film's profound effect on the audiences. However, a Gujarati film has been chosen by the indian Film Federation. Team rrr, however, applied on an individual basis and was granted admittance into the Oscars competition. The movie's marketing in hollywood is presently being done by director rajamouli, who is quite busy.

He spent the night in Chicago, the biggest metropolis in the American state of Illinois. rajamouli gave a juicy update on the rrr sequel while interacting with the crowd and the media. Many indian fans have already questioned rajamouli about whether he is developing the sequel. rajamouli never gave a positive response but merely said he might consider it if he came up with another dispute that would be the ideal fit.

Now, in response to the identical query, rajamouli provided a favourable response. "My father, Vijayendra Prasad, who writes the stories for all of my films, is now developing a few concepts. Without dismissing the plans for the sequel, rajamouli responded, "Yes, we are talking about it. In the movie, ram charan and Jr. ntr played the prominent roles. Many Western filmmakers and moviegoers have praised the movie and are calling for a quick sequel. As soon as rajamouli, who is renowned for his excellent filmmaking, comes up with the idea for the movie, he may probably announce a sequel. On the other side, Mahesh Babu, a superstar, stars in

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