Krishna, the first superstar of telugu film, recently passed away. Nearly everyone in Tollywood's who's who showed up to say goodbye to the iconic actor. However, the absence of one performer has drawn attention in the cinema community. Akkineni nagarjuna is who he is. At Superstar Krishna's burial, nagarjuna, who ordinarily attends to offer his heartfelt condolences, was not present. The reason he was unable to attend is unclear. Nag is rumoured to be out of the nation or out of the state. 

But naga chaitanya and akhil came to send Mahesh Babu's family their condolences on his behalf. On social media, many of Nagarjuna's supporters regret that he didn't attend to pay his final respects to such a legend, regardless of where he was. Some fans contend that while nagarjuna previously used a helicopter to visit the bigg boss filming and see the ap Chief Minister, he was unable to do so for Superstar Krishna.

Nag should have gone to Krishna's funeral regardless of everything because mahesh babu frequently attended events for Akhil's movies. But it must be understood that nagarjuna, if he could, would have attended. He must have a valid and important cause for not attending the funeral. Also, Mahesh's mother's recent death prompted him to visit. It won't be fair to blame nagarjuna without understanding the precise cause.

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