Das Ka Dhamki, the next directorial attempt of young hero Vishwak Sen, had its trailer released today by Nata Simham Nandamuri Balakrishna. balakrishna also attended the trailer launch ceremony.

During his speech at the ceremony, Vishwak Sen stated, "Balakrishna garu calls me bro everytime I contact him." My buddies were taken aback when they heard balakrishna garu refer to me as bro. He is a wonderful person. Dhamki is my second directorial effort. Falaknuma Das was created with my own money, as well as loans from friends. I'm fine now, and we filmed this film on a shoestring budget. In a year, I would have completed 2-3 films. But I put everything I had into this film. You'll all enjoy it."

"My best wishes to Vishwak and the crew," balakrishna stated. The trailer looks really interesting and is a visual feast. I'm not sure how Vishwak manages to balance so many things. He is highly enthusiastic about movies. Many people on social media mocked me when I suggested there's a distinction between being passionate about cinema and becoming obsessed with it.

Vishwak Sen has previously worked on films such as Hit, Falaknuma Das, and Ori Devuda, and he is now working on Dhamki. He is the director, producer, and protagonist. It's unusual to see young heroes juggling multiple crafts. When I watch these types of movies, I imagine myself. "I definitely want to try new things."

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