Not all Superstar sons live up to the hype, yet mahesh babu not only matched his father's Superstar status, but also became one himself. And the sudden death of krishna has left an unfillable vacuum in Mahesh's life, but fans believe that their heartthrob hero has already carried on his father's legacy in a great way, therefore there is no need to be concerned about krishna garu's absence.

They created this lovely cut of numerous scenes from krishna and Mahesh's movie in which they matched the father and son personas. Whether playing a cowboy, cop, mass-role, military person, or the typical cigarette-smoking hero, both Superstars seem the same in this side-by-side comparison film. We believe that adding Thaman's background score to "Sarkaaru Vaari Paata" draws greater attention to the video.

This video, which was shared by Mahesh Babu's supporters on their official page a few days ago, is now becoming viral. Though it was only released two days ago, it has steadily spread around Tollywood, and everyone is appreciating the uncanny likeness of krishna and Mahesh in their respective roles. Stay tuned for more updates. s s s s

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